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Creating a personalized experience for one of Europe’s most renowned Newspaper.

My Roles
UX & Visual Design
Prepare & Host Workshops
Benchmark Analysis
Visual Component Library

Design Language

I had the great opportunity to work on a project for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Our journey began with the exploration of various design directions to redefine the NZZ's visual identity. To present news in an objective and serious manner, we crafted a reduced modern style. This included fresh typography, a contemporary color palette, innovative iconography, and a cleaner approach to visual imagery.

↑ New Fonts and Color schemes bring forward a classy yet modern Design Language

Design Sprints

We conducted two intensive four-day design sprints, collaborating with editors, the product team, and designers to conceptualize key features for both the desktop version and the upcoming mobile app. These sprints marked my introduction to this methodology, a valuable approach I've continued to embrace.

Prototyping & Testing

Each sprint aimed to produce a functional prototype, which we assessed through attentive user testing sessions. The invaluable feedback and insights gathered during these sessions informed new improvements, ensuring our product aligned with user needs.

Design System

We constructed a visual component library for both the desktop version and the mobile app.

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