NZZ Redesign

During my Internship @Edenspiekermann-Berlin

I had the great opportunity to work on a project for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. The team at Edenspiekermann and NZZ worked in close cooperation, to create a highly personalized news experience, customized for each user need.
Edenspiekermann wrote a cool Article about the Project
Have a look at the finished Product

Design Language

We explored many different directions in the search for a new Design Language. To let news shine in an objective and serious way, we created a reduced modern style. Fresh typography, a Contemporary color scheme, new iconography, and cleaner image language are the results of this process.

↳ New Fonts and Color schemes

Design Sprints

We did two intensive four-day design sprints on two main features of the upcoming product. Together with editors, product team, and designers we developed a concept for the desktop version and the the upcoming mobile App. I learned a lot from my first sprints and have been using this method ever since.

↳ Forming new concepts together with the NZZ team
↳ Discussing and rating all the ideas together

Prototyping & Testing

The aim of each sprint was to build a functional prototype, which would then be put to the test in an intensive user testing session. The following feedback and insights helped us to make further iterations of the product more relevant to the user needs.

↳ Validated Ideas were directly translated into a prototype
↳ Nearly finished Prototype on the last day of the sprint

Design System

We build a visual component library for the Desktop version and Mobile App.

↳ Components libary for mobile


Team: Edenspiekermann, NZZ
My Role: Design Exploration, prepare Workshops,
Benchmarking, Prototyping, Visual Design, Visual component library.

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