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In order for schools to meet today's requirements, digital learning materials must be more than just the digitization of traditional learning formats. beam shows what contemporary teaching could look like.
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More than just Digitalisation

Society has changed due to the digital transformation. It is widely accepted that education has to adapt to this change as well. This adaptation cannot be achieved by simply digitizing traditional learning and teaching practices.

A conscious and targeted approach to the content young people encounter is fundamental for them to leave school as sovereign, responsible citizens.

Building a bridge to students reality

The internet is the most important source of information and entertainment for today's students. Their opinions and interests are shaped by the content they engage with online but there is currently very little space for this aspect of a students life in class.

↳ You could find a better use than playing Crossy Road
↳ digital devices are part of students' lives

A Dynamic Forum

The beam concept aims to create a dynamic forum in which students can effortlessly share, view and discuss content they come across with their classmates and teachers by connecting their smartphones to the classroom projector.

Free Contribution

beam offers a collection mode in which students may submit content freely, without any restrictions on content types. In this case, the free mode is utilized in an ethics class about Antisemitism.

↳ Beamer Interface - Collected Content

Focused Collection

For lessons requiring a little more structure, there is the option to collect specific types of content into custom categories. Students can contribute items to either one of the available categories as quickly and easily as they send messages with instant messaging services.

↳ Collect into two categories
„Teaching means creating situations where structures can be discovered”
–Jean Piaget

Didactic Method Templates

To make beam work with a wider range of possible assignments the concept includes specialized submission templates. These Templates are inspired by didactic methods that are based on a constructivist education philosophy.

↳ Write a poem
↳ Blackboard view

Share and discuss the contributed content

This template serves the purpose of creating processes of learning in which students determine what, where and how they learn.

↳ Share content as easy as in social media
↳ View and discuss the content


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