Exploring the Depths of Your Thoughts Through Natural Language Processing (NLP)

My Roles
App Concept
NLP Explorations
UX & Visual Design
  • Polished App Concept
  • Half a year research and developement
Natural Language Processing
Speech to Text
IBM Watson API
Personality Insights
Machine Learning

How it started

The technological field of natural speech analysis has made great strides in recent years. We investigated new potential in this area. While voice-controlled applications like Alexa, Google Home, and Siri have made life more convenient, and big companies pay for software to analyze customer needs, it is more than timely to investigate:

◉ Question Zero 1
What if the important and sensitive data captured by these technologies can be used to get a better insight into our own minds?
◉ Question Zero 2
What profound interactions might enable this process?

The Idea

Our vision was to apply novel technologies to self-reflection techniques such as "journaling." Journalyze leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to assist you in recapping and reflecting on your daily experiences.

↑ User-testing: Luca records a journal entry for this research
↑ Speech analysis of Lucas data set using the IBM-Watson NLP API

Design Process

Our goal was to create an application that allows users to explore their inner worlds at their own pace and level of comfort. We conducted user tests on multiple navigation patterns to determine solutions that cater to individual preferences.

  • Journalyze offers a quick and efficient way to scan and explore personal journal entries, leveraging deeper AI analysis and generated prompts.
  • Journalyze also includes a more fundamental way for users to interact with their journal entries, allowing them to filter based on sentiment, people, concepts, and themes with less reliance on AI-generated insights.

Given the sensitive nature of the data involved, our design embodies trustworthiness in its wording, visual elements, and motion design.

Transcribing & Analysis

Simply record journal entries, which are then transcribed and analyzed for you. Smart formatting ensures that your text remains easily readable.

↑ Talk about your day!
↑ A summary of the entry is generated

Explore your Journal

Navigate through curated snippets of your journal and discover the insights uncovered by Journalyze. Each discovery is accompanied by generated prompts that encourage deeper reflection on specific entries. You can save snippets or dive into the raw manuscript to explore the context further.

↑ Currated Clues
↑ Filter your entry for sentiment


Highlight and save essential insights or motivating quotations that resonate with you in your notes. Jurnalyze's feed compiles all the text pieces that hold significance for you. With Journalyze, we aim to empower you to delve into the depths of your own thoughts and unlock valuable insights that can enrich your self-reflection journey.


Team: Vincent Fischer, Nico Brand
Consulting: Prof. Hans Krämer, Ann-Katrin Spörl
University: HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, Winter Semester 2017

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