Two weeks, one project

In a four weeks workshop, we learned the basics of designing with parameters given by a three -dimensional room.
Our approach was to show different types of face painting-traditions around the world by setting up an immersive experience.

Set Up

We used a leap-motion to track gestures. These inputs trigger certain videos in our system. The web browser is directly mapped on the face model which is right in front of you to get a more immersive experience.

↳ Laptop with web browser and the mapped 3D-model

Select a Facepainting

This world map shows different interactive points. Once you hover over a point you'll see more information. The circle starts to fill yellow and indicates that you're selecting it. The animation starts.

↳ World map with different interactive points

Illustrations & Animations

After researching the most iconic regional tribes, we made a selection and illustrated them. With AfterEffects we animated each asset to generate short but expressive sequences.

↳ Maori face tattoos

Gestures & Interface

After the animation ends, an interface will appear on the canvas. It displays a short description about the seen portrait. On the left, you have a world map with you're current position.

↳ Trigger the next animation


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