Face Paintings

Exploring Global Facepainting Traditions in a Four-Week Workshop

My Roles
Interaction Design
Exhebition Design
Project Mapping
Leap Motion Sensor
Creative Coding

Our Approach

Designing within the parameters set by a three-dimensional space, we aimed to create an immersive educational experience that would showcase diverse face-painting traditions from around the world.


We used a leap-motion sensor to track gestures, which would trigger specific videos within our system. These Videos were projection mapped onto a big facial model placed directly in front of the user, enhancing the immersive experience.

↑ Laptop with web browser and the mapped 3D-model

Select a Facepainting

The interactive exhibit features a world map with yellow interactive points that encourage exploration. Hovering over a point first reveals additional information after a small delay it triggers the coresponding animation. The design of this interaction is intended to provide a more immersive and slow-paced experience, allowing visitors to digest information and feel fully engaged.

↑ Navigating the map and triggering a Facepainting

Illustrations & Animations

In our exploration of iconic regional tribes, we carefully selected and illustrated key representations. These illustrations were then animated using AfterEffects, creating concise yet expressive sequences that respect the cultural significance of each portrayal.

↑ Maori face tattoos

Gestures & Interface

Users can trigger the next or previous face painting animation on the world map by swiping their hand over the Leap Motion sensor. Following the animations, an interface appears on the canvas, briefly describing the featured portrait. A world map on the left displays the current position for reference.

↑ Trigger the next animation by swiping
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