Guided Geocaching

Guided Geocaching is an interactive compass that guides children to modular rings, unlocking new games and riddles. It merges scavenger hunting with geocaching for an exciting outdoor adventure.

My Roles
Service Concept
Physical Prototyping
3D Rendering
  • Functioning Prototype
  • Game Design Concept
Game Design
3D Printing
Service Design
⚪ Problem
Traditional geocaching, while enjoyable, often culminates in the discovery of a mere piece of paper to sign – a somewhat underwhelming experience.
◉ Question Zero
Why not turn the journey to your destination into an adventure in itself?

Design through Prototyping

As the goal was to create a minimalistic guiding compass for the game, we envisioned a versatile design where different wheels could be attached, each corresponding to the puzzle players needed to solve. We initiated the process with quick cardboard prototypes to bring this concept to life. These prototypes served two purposes: they provided a tangible sense of modularity and usability while acting as practical communication tools to facilitate ideation. Design through prototyping finally led to the development of a single, high-fidelity mock-up of the compass.

↑ First cardboard prototypes
↑ Printing the third iteration of the prototype


The player's character is displayed at the center of the screen. The surroundings are depicted in a minimalistic yet vibrant and colorful style. The outer circle of the display features a compass, which serves as a guide to the player, indicating the location of the next quest area. After solving a quest, the player is rewarded with a gem, unlocking access to additional quest areas.

↑ Navigating to a quest
↑ The main menue

Game Variations

The compass in the game offers various rings, each tailored to a specific type of puzzle, such as translating runes, soundwave synthesis, and reconstructing images. Each ring corresponds to one of these puzzle types, unlocking unique interaction methods with the device to solve the riddles.

↑ Each ring unlocks a new riddles
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